Chapter Six - The Big Lie


Disease has existed for thousands of years – since the fall of Adam. It never had to be this way. We eat our disease and many people profit from the sale of flesh. Many other people come behind them and profit from the sale of drugs to cure that disease, and many come behind them to profit from the advertising of both. It is not advantageous to any of these parties to tell you the truth about where disease originates. It is a subtle well-kept secret.


For example: In an article that just came out, “A dangerous germ that has been spreading around the country causes more life threatening infections than public health authorities had thought and is killing more people in the United States each year than the Aids virus, federal health officials reported yesterday.

“The Microbe, a strain of a once innocuous staph bacterium that has become invulnerable to first line antibiotics, is responsible for more than 94,000 serious infections and nearly 19,000 deaths each year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calculated.

“Although mounting evidence shows that the infection is becoming more common, the estimate published today in the journal of the American Medical Association is the first national assessment of the toll from the insidious pathogen, officials said.

(Washingington Post, October 17, 2007, by Rob Stein.)


This is just the first few paragraphs of the article, but nowhere in the article, was mentioned that staph is a disease of cattle. More people are drinking milk and eating meat than at any other time in history, but strangely this was never mentioned in the article. Could the Post get sued if they published this? More likely they would lose all advertising revenue for dairy and meat products. Does anyone care if you know the truth? People who do care are probably in debt, could lose their job, lose their house, lose their reputation and many people just cannot afford to take this risk. Because the lie has been perpetuated for these many years, most people have no idea what the truth really is even if they wanted to tell you – they don’t know themselves.







In a recent article found on the website World Net Daily it is intimated that the disease Whooping Cough is being spread by illegal aliens. Sunday, June 12, 2005. I quote:

The American Academy of Pediatrics is warning of the worst outbreak of whooping cough in 40 years, while those concerned about border control see it as more evidence that vanquished diseases are spreading due to widespread illegal immigration.

“Whooping Cough or pertussis is particularly dangerous for children and can be fatal in infants, warns the doctors group.”

[This article would lead the reader to think that all disease is transmitted from person to person. When in fact, Whooping Cough has been around for years and by the way is that not why we are all vaccinated with DPT and have been for years? DPT – Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus – all diseases of cattle -- All transmissible through handling and consuming the flesh and the mammary fluids (milk) of cows -- especially milk as the pasteurization process is flawed and allows live bacteria and viruses to survive. There is also the problem of super bugs, having gained strength and immunity to the current drugs and antibiotics that are on the market. (most superbugs have gained their strength because anti-biotics are given to cattle in super doses.)

If in fact Whooping Cough and Tuberculosis (another disease blamed upon illegal aliens) are endemic in Mexico, why has the US government allowed Mexican Cattle to enter the country for years and years?]

Another article lately in the news on states: “USDA finds possible 2nd case of mad cow disease. “In what could be the second US case of mad cow disease, an older beef animal tested positive for the deadly ailment but will undergo a last round of tests at a British laboratory to confirm the results, Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns said.

“The only U.S. confirmed case of mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), was found in December 2003 in a Washington State dairy cow. That discovery halted billions of dollars worth of American beef exports and raised questions about the safety of the U.S. food supply.

“Johanns said the new suspect case involved an older beef animal chosen for testing because it was a “downer” animal that could not walk when delivered for slaughter. The carcass never entered the human food or livestock feed supply, he said.”

It is a well known fact that “downer” cattle in the thousands have dropped dead in feed lots from Missouri to California. For years they have been rendered (the flesh ground up, processed, and made into a high protein supplement for all types of livestock from chickens to cattle) and fed back in a cannibalistic manner to their brother and sister cows, chickens, and hogs – thus perpetuating BSE in the flesh and milk which will one day be on your table.


8 For all tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no place clean.” (Isaiah 28.8)


Facts not so well known are that BSE and many of the slow viruses have been known about and studied since the 1970’s. For the same reason that the articles that I have quoted are not talking about the root cause of disease (handling and consuming the flesh and fluids of animals) no major media article is going to tell you that your food supply is contaminated and full of disease. You might read that chickens in Asia have bird flu but you won’t be apprised of the fact that your local dairy herd or your local feed lot cattle have been causing disease of all kinds in your family and your neighbor’s family for generations.

In the forward to a book called Animal Diseases, Ezra Taft Benson, then the Secretary of Agriculture, wrote “I salute the workers in the biological sciences, among whom are our veterinarians. They are in the forefront in our relentless fight against animal diseases, some of which are linked closely to human health.” The book The Yearbook of Agriculture, 1956, Animal Diseases, was published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, goes on to state in chapter after chapter the different diseases of animals and how these diseases are communicable to humans.

Just to list a few: Foot and Mouth Disease, Cholera, Glanders, pleuropneumonia, tuberculosis, brucellosis –a cause of undulant fever in humans, Anthrax, mastitis – causing strep, tetanus, gangrene, botulism, rabies, Leptospira Canicola, ringworm, Cancer, Cowpox, milkers’ nodules, Rift Valley fever, vesicular stomatitis, Q-fever, salmonellosis, streptococcus, staphylococcus infections, vibriosis, ringworm of cattle, trypanosomiasis, beef tapeworm, fluke infections of all sorts, Avian diseases are salmonellosis, food poisoning, diarrhea, enteritis, septicemia, psittacosis measles, mumps and chicken pox.

“Parasites that man acquires by eating the animal host are beef tapeworm –lives in the intestine of man where it can acquire a length of 40 feet or more, bladderworm occurring mainly in the muscles of animals and then finds it way into the muscles of man including the heart. A person who happens to eat raw or rare beef that harbors a single live bladderworm can become infected with a tapeworm. The pork tapeworm also lives in the human intestine and is acquired by man by eating raw or incompletely cooked pork infected with bladderworms. Housewives who handle this meat without the protection of gloves, can then pass this and other diseases to their children or spouse or to their own mouth if they don’t wash carefully. Viruses contained in the flesh or cheese one handles can pass through the skin. Canines which consume uncooked animal products can then pass it to children or other members of the family in various ways.

“In fish the (broad) tapeworm, is a human parasite that spends part of its early life in some species of fresh water fish. It is rather common in man in some European countries and has been found in man and animals from the Great Lakes and the upper Mississippi Basin, into Manitoba, and almost to the Rockies. It can attain a length in man of 25 feet. Human beings, the final hosts, acquire the fish tapeworm by eating raw, nearly raw, cold-smoked, or salted fish in which are live plerocercoids. Carnivorous animals become infected by eating infected fish.” (The Yearbook of Agriculture, 1956, Animal Diseases, page 24)

Many people know that the disease Trichinoses can be acquired by eating uncooked or the rare flesh of animals that harbor the disease. Pork is the common source of trichinosis in this country and others. Trichinosis is common in hogs fed with garbage which is prevalent in many parts of the country. “Among the foods that would be sources of human trichinosis without this protections are cooked hams, frankfurters, salami, and other types of smoked sausages, as well as other pork containing products designed to be eaten by the consumer without additional cooking.” (The Yearbook of Agriculture, 1956, Animal Diseases, page 27)

“The intestinal roundworm, Ascaris Lumbricoides, is a parasite of man. It is structurally and in other ways indistinguishable from a closely related species that occurs in pigs.” (The Yearbook of Agriculture, 1956, Animal Diseases page 28)

“Bacteria, viruses, parasites of all kinds, enter an animal’s body through the skin and the organs of breathing, digestion and sex. They may multiply, attack the tissues, and produce disease. Or they may not. The body makes strenuous efforts to repel the invaders.” (The Yearbook of Agriculture, 1956, Animal Diseases page 29)




More insidious are the slow viruses. These viruses have been studied and researched since the 1970’s and before. This knowledge has carefully been kept from the public as has the knowledge that they are not new but have been affecting us for generations. The research is available but is buried in books and libraries although it is coming to light at this time by brave researchers who desire to make it public.

Scrapie has been in sheep for hundreds of years. When sheep began to be rendered and fed to cows it produced a disease called Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or mad cow disease. Man can acquire it by consuming the milk, cheese, yogurt, and flesh of cows. Slow viruses related to Mad Cow are Huntingtons Disease and Picks Disease which cause Alzheimer’s, and the milder form – senile dementia. Millions of human beings are infected with these slow viruses and are not being told that it is coming from their milk, cheese and beef.

“Creutzfeld Jacob’s Disease has many of the symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease, particularly amyloidal plaques and increased lipofuscin pigment deposits in neurons, and even neurofibrillary tangles. It has become clear that the borderline between C-J and Alzheimer’s syndromes is somewhat fuzzy.”

Paramyxoviruses of man include influenza viruses, mumps, and measles. These viruses are found in the avian population of birds which include chickens, geese, turkeys, etc: “Various species of animals also are subject to Paramyxoviruses. The human measles virus is related to canine distemper and bovine rinderpest viruses. The simian paramyxovirus SV5 is frequently present in normal rhesus or cynomolgus monkeys. Newcastle disease virus causes fatal respiratory or central nervous system disease in chickens, turkeys, and other birds. Bovine and bat Paramyxoviruses are also known,

“The importance of Paramyxoviruses … stems from the fact that measles virus is definitely associated with the chronic progressive neurologic disease subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE). In addition, there is evidence that patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) have increased levels of antibody to measles. Furthermore, Paramyxoviruses have reportedly been isolated from brain tissue of patients with this disease. Paramyxovirus-like particles have also been seen by electron microscopy in brain tissue from a patient with MS.” (The slow virus book quoted from might still be available buried in the deepest recesses of libraries. One of the authors requested that his name not be revealed therefore we refer you to several other books about slow viruses: Slow Virus Diseases of Animals and Man, edited by R.H. Kimberlin, 1976, American Elsevier Publishing Company, Inc. New York. And: Diseases of Latent or Slow Growth Viruses, including papers by various scientists, MSS Information Corp. New York 1973)

It is obvious that the media in all its forms will not risk the loss of advertising money from the dairy industry, the beef industry, the restaurant industry, the supermarket industry but more ominous big Pharma in order to inform the public of the dangers of consuming fish or the flesh of beasts. $profit$ is still the name of the game – at the expense of our health and our lives.

Big Pharma: The pharmaceutical industry, a trillion dollar industry and probably the most profitable in the world, receives 97 percent of its revenue from the livestock industry. Farmers don’t buy a little bottle of pills from the drugstore shelf, but buy their medicines in 5 gallon buckets or 55 gallon drums. Cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, chickens are dipped in, consume, and urinate into the ground water tons of chemical prophylactics every day. When we consume their flesh, we not only are subject to the diseases they have because the drugs didn’t work, but also the chemicals they have consumed – thus creating super-bugs in man and beast that have grown immune to most anti-biotics that man has so far devised.

Dire consequences have come upon us because of the big lie; some of which we will enumerate in the following chapter.



MEMORY TRANSFER by Thomas L. Rodgers


”Until today, I have only carefully broached or taught this biological reality to those select few who were open to know. But I believe with the current intelligent shift in society’s consciousness, as many more individuals begin to detect the deceptions and withholding of truth for profit in many other areas of their lives and education, especially in critical physical and mental health knowledge, indicates to me that it is now time to go public with this four decade old medically well understood, but divisively suppressed and unspoken fact! So as I am just now (9/26/07) composing and publishing this web page, the following initial statements of fact can seed your reason and will at least start to open your understanding and benefit you now.


What We Knew ---But Withheld! (For Medical Opportunity, Drugs and $$$)


“Within our first successful heart transplant surgery experiences in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s we learned right away of an unanticipated phenomenon! – the traumas, memories and personality traits of the donor “mysteriously” showing up in the psyche and experiences of the organ transplant recipients! Among honest transplant and neurological research scientists this memory transfer phenomenon was not a mystery for very long. Immediately in the case of an 8 year old girl, who was given the heart of a 10 year old girl, the recipient child began to have nightmares of being murdered. The fact that her transplanted heart had been harvested from a murdered child had not been made known to the transplant physicians, her family nor the recipient child. But the very details of the murdering circumstance and even the first name of the murderer were presented in the recipient child’s horrific dreams! This resulted in the ultimate discovery and prosecution of the donor child’s murderer. So we quickly realized the important need to obtain the best possible record of the death details, traits and critical experiences of the transplant donors, so we could prepare the recipients (ourselves and their families) for this now regularly anticipated transplant associated neurological occurrence. As a consequence, unfortunately, along with their necessary anti-rejection drugs (compromising their entire immune system and laying them open to simple infections), many transplant recipients also end up mandatorily medicated with the emotion (memory) suppressing antidepressants.

“Now comes in this writing (mustered in my timid courage) the more discomforting implications in the exposure of our organ transplant learned facts; facts which, for the last four decades, have been left unspoken and undisclosed by those (including me) who knew, for professional survival and economic reasons (perpetuation of transplant medicine and the slaughter industry’s limitless expansion and profits) and the thousands (if not millions) of man’s traditions and seductively installed into many of his religions!

“So are you open to socially contrary but honorable profound life and belief altering biological truth? Are you tired of your own and humanity’s physical and mental challenges, chaos, hurting and disease? If you finally desire the best expanding learning, with noble thought decontaminating and lifesaving reasoning, then read on.


Memory Transfer – Man to Man, Animals to Man –A Biological Reality !


“The same biological transfer-of-memory reality and demonstrable fact which was learned in our successful transplants of human to human organs, also is a subtle part of the experience of humans who “transplant” that is, internalize, ingest /or (via drips or hypodermic vaccines, hormones or glandulars) the tissues or any other member of the animal kingdom!


Molecules of Memory – Small and Durable!


“Because the memory cells and molecules (neurons, nucleic acids, plasmids and other molecular fractions, etc.) of any animal’s nervous system (which are exactly like your own) are so small (and are ubiquitously extant to all animal kingdom members’ tissues) and because they are generally protectively encapsulated with very dense lipids (i.e. saturated fats, esp. myelin) these tough and tiny “molecules of memory” are not always completely broken down in digestion or catabolized in the liver; so they can and do, easily enter intact systemically; and can become inserted into and made functional parts of the active neurological streaming tissues of the recipient consumer! (like the murdered child’s memories were inserted into the recipient child’s memory tissues, as evidenced above !)

“From your perspective, you may argue, or you might be told, that cooking prevents survival of memory molecules! Sorry but too many preparation and cooking procedures, especially “rare” meat servings, cannot and do not completely “denature” all of these super-tough tiny atomic-level micro-molecules, especially as they are designed mechanically, thermally, electrically and chemically durable to survive a lifetime – even over a hundred years – of mechanical, thermal, electrical and chemical assault in the hosting animal or you ! Remember, an animal’s amino acids (proteins) easily survive cooking and are metabolized and re-installed as your proteins and function in your body tissues as your own, the same facts of transfer (in surviving cooking, consumption and metabolization) applies to the even more durable nucleic acids and plasmids! – and “wallah”! left whole and installed intact (like their amino acid cousins), they have a new home in you!


Am I Deluded? -- Because You Never Have Recalled any Animal’s Memory!


“You could just claim that I am nuts and this is just not true, since you have never remembered some event as a cow, chicken, fish or pig in your mind! Sorry again! Your perception does not stand as secure empirical scientific evidence. As a matter of fact you should not have had a distinguishable animal memory, since a cow’s chicken’s or any animal’s mental encoding and decoding processes are not based upon your intellectual thought foundations; so you would not be able to translate their encodings precisely as a cow, chicken or any other animal since their neurological processes are not written with your personal identity tagging nor at your level of sophistication, nor with your experience reserves, nor your interpretive patterns.


Animal Kingdom – Common Emotions


“However, there are, for all members of the animal kingdom – to which you, your body and brain inescapably belong – common Base Emotions, which even without your specific (human individual) identity tagging, are encoded exactly the same as yours, and will be read (and skewed) as if they were your own, even if with only partial intensity and pieces of their memory. Those base emotions (common to all sentient beings) are fear, confusion, contempt, fight, flight, desire (sexual and territorial), longing, sorrow and anguish (for loss of family, specifically offspring – a heifer losing her calf will brae and traumatize the sisters of her herd, until her calf is found alive or dead or when time indicates to her and her sisters there is no hope of recovery) –and finally and vividly, (in their last living experience) hatred, desperation and pain! Without the precise interpolation and lacing your identity tagging, these “transplanted” emotions plugged in your memory strings can be and will be played back at subtle to pronounced intensities as if they were your own, and will be mingled with your own emotions and memory recall, and you will not be able to differentiate your own from those encodings transferred to you! -- not until you have experienced sufficient neurological cellular and systemic “purge”, routing or over-write time in that “sterilizing” lifestyle choice and change to living without them being reinforced through perpetual addition (consumption or injection)!


Emotions of Slaughter (Betrayal and Murder)


“You need to understand that the last strongest and most profound experience of the animals, that are butchered and used as human food, is its own slaughter (in its mind, its own murder!) -- and that final violent, desperate pain and hate filled excruciating experience’s chemical/molecular memory imprint floods the animal’s tissues and rides out of that animal in that (insanely initiated and accepted) tissue transfer and into you!

“--- also, that final, most violent act experienced and recorded in the nervous system of the “food” animal is always commenced and finished by human beings, quite often the same human (or in the perception of the animal an identical human likeness) which first drew it from the mother’s womb and to which it bonded (as did my own cattle to me, with my intent and design), then was continuously reinforced in that animal-to-human bond and trust through my own (or my childrens’s ) perpetual feeding, intimate handling, necessary care, protection and attention to it! – hence those last desperate moments at the murdering blade of that “same man” are neurologically encoded and fully recorded with betrayal’s contemptuous “lover-hate” intensity! With their throat slit, normally chained by their hind legs, jerked up and left hanging upside down, with man’s intent to bleed them out, with their brain and heart left to pump them “clear” of blood, they are still conscious, flailing and bleeding slowly to a miserable death of over 2 to 20 minutes, the animal’s last vivid feelings are; first of intense fear and betrayal, excruciating pain, then contempt, hatred, frustration, confusion, stress, defensiveness, drive for flight, fight or aggression and violence! – then death – but only after all these feelings are already fully and firmly encoded!


Normal “En-Vivo” Powerful In-Life Emotions and Drives (Territory, Dominance and Sex)


“—Also included in these tissue transferable encodings are the animal’s powerful “en-vivo” traits, drives and experiences, that are dominant during the animal’s entire life. These included the intense periods of sexual estrus (in heat desire for sex) in the females! And of even more concern for profound neurological impact for the consuming human, is that acute encoding from the male beast with this fierce aggression drives for “routing” (the brutal fight instinct and act for territory and dominance! Among the males of most all species) – and his perpetual (endless, without discretion) drive for sex, to control, mount and copulate , without restraint, every female available! (These intense to fully violent sex drives and associated muscle responses require and involve the entire male animals body but more specifically his satellite spinal and hind quarters inter-muscular ganglia and neurons” used for mounting and copulative thrust signalings that are triggered in and service the “T-Bone” and “Round Steak” muscles – those butchers’ specialty cuts generally desired (often served pink and bloody rare) and consumed as the favorite meat meal of the most of our “Macho” or aggressive human males! – and females!)


Six Unnatural “En-Vivo” Memories of Entrapment, Molestation, Rape and Maternal Loss – Added By Man!


“So-called “Civilized” Industrial man has added six more mordant “en-vivo” memory and emotional encodings of trauma which are absolutely unnatural to any other free animal’s sovereign experiences in nature. These are: Perpetual Entrapment for all, for males, castration, and for the females specifically, Sodomy, Rape, Molestation, and Maternal Loss!

“—For profit and the insatiable carnivorous appetite of society, factory farming practices place millions of chickens, pigs and cows (“veal” calves) into movement prohibiting cages (and chainings) for their entire lives, hence they are perpetually depressed, struggling and injuring themselves as they attempt to move (shift, flail) and escape.

“ -- the Sodomy and Rape encodings in the female animals are vividly established in dairy cows, breeder pigs and other “factory” mammals as the females of their species experience forcible and unnatural sex at the hand of human males in man’s “rape-rack”,

Squeeze-chute” stanchioned, hobbled and chained restrained subjugation for his human “fisting” (vaginally inserted hand and arm or equivalent instrument) in artificial insemination. Sadly pigs then usually proceed through their gestation (pregnancy) and give birth while still in a barred cage so they never can nuzzle, clean or fully fondle or bond with their piglets. Dairy cows (heifers) are inseminated usually while they are still nursing the farmer’s teat pulling (fondling) hands or the mechanical sucking cold steel cups of his milking machine which molests her breast for her milk, instead of her experiencing the loving touch, relief and nuzzling of her own kind. So while still unnaturally producing milk, triggered by her previous birthing experience only 10 to 13 months before, she is required (again – and again) to be forcibly inseminated and gestate (be pregnant) her 8 ½ months to term, and she is only allowed within the last 3 months, at the end of that gestation, before birthing again to go dry – we dairymen call that non-lactating period in her last trimester of her pregnancy, “freshening!” (How fresh do human mothers feel in your last trimester of your pregnancies? And do we men require you to be giving your breast milk to us or to a cold machine during your first two trimesters? You would not tolerate that crude violation of your body or your breasts for man’s distorted appetites or profit!)

“—Then for that expectant mother’s delivery we pull her calf (as a rancher-dairyman, I did), usually never letting her see, be with, nurse or bond with it – so in her mind she has miscarried, had a still-born or lost her child to a predator or a kidnapping at birth, so will stress in that grieving state of Maternal Loss , while we place her calf in a box, bottle feed, fondle and manage it so that it bonds with us instead for later ease of management, while she is denied the natural family experience once again. That maternal grief and emptiness of fetal or infant loss, after her unnatural restraint, sodomy, rape, and continuous molestation by man (and his machines) is vividly encoded into her and into all other man-exploited for food creature females treated like her!


First in The Animals -- Then in Man!


“Are these neurological encodings of these enslaved, molested and slaughtered animals affecting the feelings thoughts and actions of their body tissue consuming humanity??? Transplants of the human hearts -- (just simple muscle? Think again!) and other human body tissues (which we delude ourselves into believing our tissues are not – are molecularly identical to the animals), have continuously demonstrated the reality of donor-to-recipient memory transfer, now with files upon files of replicating medical and psychological experience and documentation since we began and ‘perfected’ human heart and organ transplants in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

“Those identical memory encodings, or fraction thereof, from the “other members” of the animal kingdom (to which we humans also belong), which we exploit and kill, then take into our bodies, are finding their way through digestion and catabolization, showing up, influencing and repetitively enhancing unnatural thoughts and brutal behaviors in humanity’s flesh-consuming members of society! We few (in specialized practice and research) insiders of medicine have known this fact for these four decades but have skirted or ignored it for social and professional acceptance, for professional and personal economic gain, and/or have been silenced even dis-fellowshipped, by the profiting industrial and medical beast for the consuming and buying public – who have generously paid us in our (prostituted) silence!


Your Immune System -- the Struggling Janitor and Ultimate Decontaminator of "You"-- if given the chance!       

“Your struggling custodian laboring to moderate or reverse the harmful filling or full corruption of your brain and nervous system tissues with ingested (and injected) animal memory in man’s mindless deference or indifference to our original human design, is your own immune system whose intended function is to identify, catabolize, extract and remove from your tissues, errant and / or wrongly introduced and harmful foreign molecules, substances, cells or tissues. But as our immune system (in our pathogenic ignorance) is overburdened or intentionally suppressed (with drugs), it cannot stay ahead of our (ignorantly chosen) overwhelming assault of offensive substances and contaminations; so more alien and / or malignant tissues, including these antigenic (alien to you) animal neurological tissues, cells and molecules, are inserted, accumulate (even replicate) and remain installed and unchallenged in our body's delicate life and thought systems! -- and will so, until we change our consumptive concepts and nutritive choices, social mindsets and human-physiological understanding and all of our morally tacit actions! 

“The medically mandatory or intentional immune system suppression of transplant recipients with drugs, to abate rejection of the donor's organ, also sets up that recipient to be even more susceptible to pronounced donor-memory maintenance and causes the recipient to experience extensive character or trait overlay from the donor and more vivid donor memory insertions or recall (decoding) as a consequence.”

“The same enhancement of memory corruption occurs when other serious illnesses or biological traumas overwhelm an individual’s immune system or take it into automatic suppression.

And in the elderly, their weakening immune systems behind already age failed digestive functions also lay them open to serious animal tissue encoded neuro-corruptions, further amplified

by their other age-related degradation and dementia causes!

“All children whose immune systems are yet immature and still developing, along with their growths naturally higher tissue constructions demands, are naturally predisposed and more susceptible to greater nervous system corruptions, consequently they are prone to experiencing more of the disruptive symptoms of memory transfer incurred by eating (and worse the direct injection of) animal tissues, so can experience more of the attention disturbing (animal encoded) nervous system “noise.”

with greater feelings of (or more easily triggered) fear, helpless distress, and nightmares.”

“A cessation of adding the animal's neuro-contaminants, and a healthy, fully nourished, fully facilitated, unimpaired immune system is required and critical to the ultimate clearing of your or your child’s nervous systems and the ultimate removal of those memories’ characteristics and traits that are not and never were truly theirs, or your own!

        “-- Since your body (including your immune system) is ninety trillion cells complex, with billions of molecules and millions of chemical interactions within each of those ninety trillion individual cells -- ten trillion of which constitute your brain and nervous system -- and because we have already seriously harmed our immune systems in mankind's generations of violations, abuse and ignorance, and we have even continued that abuse in conscious defiance to current scientific knowledge (as it was with me and my fellows in science) -- our human nervous system cleaning and renewal labor, which depends now upon our immune systems, requires our strictest of dedication, patience and time!

        “In order to heal your nervous system, you must support your immune system's neurological contaminants purging process with the imperative resolution and dedication to nourish your body only with the best and purest of nutrients available to you from the garden! (as you where first designed and instructed to do in Gen 1:29, Moses 2:29, Abraham 4:29), with no more tissues and consequent memory contaminants added from the animals! You must maintain this same animal tissue free course with the patience and time required for your immune system first to heal itself! Then, with faith and persistence you must continue and allow the (seemingly) "infinite" time required for your immune system to mobilize, locate and perform the trillions of deep and complicated neurological contaminant identifications, purges and repairs, which must be done to restore your mental integrity and sovereignty! -- an additional terrible and taxing duty which our immune system -- as our already otherwise fully employed valiant guardian and protector of life for preventing cancer and abating infectious disease -- never should have been asked to do in the first place!


“Blessed are the Peacemakers”


“Another (reverse-logic) indicator of this “neuro’transfer” fact is that meat refraining Vegan or Vegetarian human individuals and cultures (hence no animal’s memory, no animal’s trauma, nor the animal’s hormones, nor animal’s antigens and far fewer agri-chemicals are being transferred into them) are most always noted for and generally stand out with their “unusual” personal calmness, internal peace and passivity and more gentle sensitivities and compassion when compared against our “Western Culture” of standard human “carnivores”, who conversely live mostly with borderline aggression, ubiquitous personal and social chaos, stresses and a plethora of psychosis! -- and to often now, increasing sub-clinical and clinical violence!

“Total non-animal tissue consumers, i.e. Vegans are also more notably clear-headed and more efficient as learners (several quiet University studies bear this observation out). This is a consequence of the absence of the neurologically transferred animal trauma and distress, exacerbated with the same butchered animal’s hyper-adrenalin flood in its slaughter-induced mass glandular steroidal / hormonal fight-or-flight excretions, hence final dead tissue resultant (repeated lab-test findings of) hormonal super-dopings.


        “Children. who are born to Vegans, ie. pure vegetarians and have never had any animal tissues in the bodies since conception or birth are the wonderful beneficiaries and idyllic models of humanity, as their brains and nervous systems are purely their own and are clear of the disruptive "noise" that the violated and slaughtered animals' contaminating neurological tissues bring. This is clearly evident in all the children that I and my honest (pediatric medicine) fellow scientists have observed from Vegan families. Several suppressed University, Natl. Academy of Sciences and other Government Studies have born this out (eg: Cornell Univ. Dr. T Collin Campbell's The China Study). These Vegan (pure vegetarian) raised and nourished children are far more intelligent and peaceful; and rarely show up with the epidemic learning and behavior difficulties (so-called ADD, ADHD, etc) and the adolescent violence that sadly plagues the rest of humanity! These "Garden of Eden", Millennial Children also are far healthier overall and rarely lose developmental and educational time to the common childhood diseases or society's plethora of other physical and mental illnesses.


Carnivouous Synergism in Humanity’s Physical and Mental Diseases – The Revenge of the Slaughtered!


“The synergistic compounding of the animals memory transfer factor, added to the animal’s hormonal transfer factor and the viral, bacterial, antigenic-autoimmune (now increased drug and agri-chemical) contaminates of livestock, are the bases of humanity’s current carnality-associated “diseases” mental states!

“—So acting biologically contrary to our own physiology, as well as nature’s and God’s intended human design (as our species specific physiology clearly demonstrates), all of these “antigenic” animal-tissue-consumption factors are passing through your digestion, your liver, your blood brain barrier and spinal sheath and getting into your brain’s and your entire nervous system’s very construction and chemistry, and molding your cerebral and ganglia scanning, decoding and recall processes into those of the never-intended “flesh-fouled” human carnivore with his anti-human and anti-divine neuro-biological imbalances, dementia, psychotic ticks, violence, trauma and chaos – all experienced initially in the human-violated innocent beasts! – those slaughtered beasts that that same ignorant, contemptible, violating, brutal human man then wraps his sadly deceived lips around and swallows in his pathogen-loaded visceral appetite and in the paid abattoir’s, benefit-muted medicine’s, psychiatry’s and the drug-pushing alchemist’s perpetual profit-driven blood-for-money motive!

“-- Therefore the insanity of man’s slaughterhouse becomes his own insanity!

 “ -- "Whosoever killeth the Ox, is as if he slew a man . . . and their soul delighteth in their abominations. I (God) also will choose their delusions and will bring their fears upon them, because . . . they did evil before mine eyes and chose that in which I delighted not!" (Isaiah 66:3&4)




So what is Mercenary Medicine's and Deviant Psychiatry's Pathetic Answer???

“-- Concocting and prescribing more procedures, more surgeries, always more medicines and psychiatric drugs!


Here, Finally, is Science's Truth and "The Supreme Scientist's" Healing Prescription!


-- “Thou shall not kill!”

-- “Beat your swords into plowshares!”

-- “Repent! – i.e. give up man’s murderous traditions and corrupted beliefs, change your thoughts, habits, desires and appetites!

-- “Become harmless before the brute creation! JS

-- “Then shalt thy health spring forth speedily, and ye shall rise up as if lifted on eagle’s wings!”

-- “The kinder we are to our animals, the more will peace increase and the savage nature of the brute creation vanish away.” B.Y

-- “Blessed are the meek (gentle, kind, harmless), for they shall inherit the Earth!” (they will not contract or suffer the plagues!)


To see the references for this article, go to (Thomas L. Rodgers 9/30/07)


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