If you love truth and seek it with all your heart, and if you liked The DaVinci Code, you will cherish The Gate.  It will gratify or infuriate you.

The Da Vinci Code, although fiction based upon some truths, information from the Gnostic Gospels, and conjecture, was literally the tip of the iceberg as far as the extent to which the power brokers of the early established religions hid the truth about Christianity.

Certainly one of the first commandments given to Adam and Eve in the garden was to multiply and replenish the earth. Christ as a young righteous Jew would not consider going against this commandment.  There were other commandments given then which when disobeyed would bring ultimate ruin and death upon the individual.  Wouldn’t a righteous Son of God obey them also?

The Gate contains the mysteries of Godliness  that originate in the truths in the Old Testament, New Testament, Apocrypha, and many other ancient writings including the Dead Sea Scrolls, illustrating the fact that many scriptures in the Bible have been changed!  Many scriptures have had key words and phrases inadvertently or purposely left out by translators, and actually changed for reasons of control, profit and greed.

This travesty has given considerable advantage to our adversary, the enemy of all mankind.

Devastation has come upon the face of the earth.  Great physical and spiritual harm has come upon us.  We are a people in need of truth.

The Gate, a long awaited book, clearly shows in a systematic manner, what has transpired upon the face of the earth since the time of Adam and Eve----which commandments were ignored then, and which have been purposely hidden and obscured after the time of Christ, keeping us in a state of ignorance.

There is Good news! The breach can be repaired.  This book shows us the way.

This work has been collected from the writings of the greatest souls that ever lived. Compiled by KK Fowlkes. Personal commentaries included.

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